Cost-Effective Remedies That Give Rewarding Results

Many home remedies for the common cold can be carried out at home. They are generally cost-effective and the results can be very rewarding. If you have a cold then it is good to know that there are many home remedies that you can try.

There are different herbs that can help a person to get rid of the cold that they are suffering from. Herbs that can be used to make an effective remedy are spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, ginger, marigold, licorice, and Rosemary. All these ingredients are available at your local grocery store. If you cannot find these ingredients then look for another product to use as a substitute.

A good way to get rid of the cold is to just drink warm water. You can use tea or hot milk to drink. You can also add warm sugar syrup to the water and let it cool before drinking.

Various herbal teas can also be used. If you would like to use herbal tea then there are several teas that are made from the leaves of herbs. Ginger, which has been used for years as a medicinal herb, can be added to the tea.

Another way to provide relief from the cold is to drink warm water. You can add rosewater or milk to the warm water and just sit down in it for a while. Hot milk is also good for the throat and mouth.

Gouty arthritis can be relieved by applying a warm compress to the area where the pain is. This will help to ease the stiffness and pain. Cold compresses and oatmeal are good to put on the joints.

Keeping your house properly heated, can keep a person from getting a cold. Warm water can be poured over the feet in the tub and let it stand for a while. Warm water will also help to keep the body warm.

Coconut oil can be put on the affected area and the body temperature will be reduced. The hot oil can be rubbed in the affected area and left for some time.

Using bee sting can be a remedy to colds. Just soak a cotton ball in the honey and put it on the infected area. Leave it overnight and you should see a reduction in the virus.

Lavender tea can also be used as home remedies for the common cold. This tea can be made into a poultice by spreading it on the area that is infected.

A very good way to cure chills is to take warm baths or showers. You can lie down on a clean cloth and lay the affected part of the body over the cloth. Fill a tub with warm water and fill it up with warm water until the head reaches the top.