Here’s a Quick Way to Know Some Ideas to Improve Site Promotion and Improve Traffic Building

A recent statistic indicates that nearly 25% of Americans as well as Canadians have been either directly or indirectly captured on film for use on television. Generally, this is the result of local television news coverage, but it could also be because of television game shows, talk shows, reality TV, or other audience-driven programs.

Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” The Internet makes that more possible than ever. A funny video clip makes it possible for the infamous to have a measure of fame on a site like YouTube and then redistributed through social media sites around the globe. This would not have been possible ten years ago.

Because so many people would like to have a measure of fame, you can leverage that desire to improve your site promotion strategies.


I’d like to present some ideas for on site contests that may improve site promotion and improve traffic building.

1. A Writing Contest – Set some guidelines for your site visitors. Allow them to create an essay based on either a word prompt or idea. You could also ask for a short fictional story as an alternative using your product as something that is used within the framework of the story.

2. A Photography Contest – Invite visitors to submit their best photos on a particular theme. You can also take it another step further by asking contestants to somehow include your product in the photo in a tasteful way.

3. A Poetry Contest – This type of contest can be another positive site promotion tool. Customers can adopt a certain style or theme. You may include your product as the poem’s inspiration, but don’t limit ongoing contests to simply rehashing familiar territory.

In each of these contests, the visitor should be made aware that the winning entry will be published online, but the ownership of the work remains the original writers should they desire to publish the item elsewhere.

Some businesses have even allowed their site visitors to develop a visual advertisement as a contest. Some of these so-called amateur video ads have made their way to television and have ignited careers that have moved into the realm of professionalism.

Sometimes by appealing to the idea of the fifteen-minute fame theory you can engage visitors in a creative process that is interesting to visitors and important to those who are creative. It may even inspire a little dreaming on the part of creative site visitors.

As far as a prize is concerned many may be happy just seeing their work on the web, but I would also include a gift certificate to purchase products from your online store. You could offer a cash prize, but a certificate provides the best chance the winner will return to shop with you. This of course is the end result you hope for in site promotion activity.

If you run this type of contest regularly you may see improved site visitation as interest grows in your online contests.