Mum & The Home-Based Internet Business

Motherhood can be a source of frustration for many women who find themselves caught between making a decision to return to the workforce or to remain at home to raise the children.

It is sometimes difficult to give up or delay pursuing a career and to sacrifice personal fulfillment in their chosen profession & social independence and, of course, that all-important second family income. Life appears to become more and more expensive with each and every day and the supplementary income (in some cases the main source of income) assists with Mortgage Payments, Household Expenses, Motor Vehicle Repayments & Maintenance, Clothing, and an endless chain of Accounts & Bills. It is an important part of a family income plan as very few families can survive in this day and age on just one household income alone.

Against this though, are the drawbacks and costs involved in both parents actively being away from home following the birth of their child/children. Childcare, Pre-Schools, Before & After School Care, and Babysitters are likely to incur rather high costs that eat away at the household income. It is always difficult to witness your own children being brought up by strangers or other family members and, at the same time, missing out on those wonderful moments in their formative years. On an even more serious note, the strain sometimes placed on two-income families can have devastating results in relationships, resulting in divorce and anti-social behavior by children. Added pressure placed on the working mother can lead to both emotional and physical effects as a result of having to also attend to the husband, children, cooking, shopping, cleaning, and other associated tasks within the household. Little time is left for socializing, entertaining, and enjoyment. The time constraints also seriously compromise the nurturing and protection of their children.

Of course, there are instances where things will work out fine for the families in the above situation, however, more and more women are taking a stance and becoming Business Entrepreneurs by establishing their very own Home Based Internet Business.

There will still be pressure to maintain the lifestyle and income, however a Home Based Internet Business has advantages that cannot be replicated when both parents are involved in the daily 9 to 5 routine. Most of these have been explored in earlier posts, but include :

* Cost Savings on Transport, Clothes, Meals, etc.

* Better Time-Management

* Extended Family Time

* Possible Tax Benefits

* Working Your Own Hours

Ladies, take a stand today and begin your very own Home Based Internet Business.

Yours In Business Success

Kevin Hiscock